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Social Media Marketing for Beginners is a Course

Social Media Marketing for Beginners


$20 Enroll

Full course description

Start learning Social Media Marketing with the w3schools beginner course and get the skills to grow a business by using social media.

This course will guide you through how to get started on social media marketing at a beginner level.

You will get the guidance and tools you need to get started with your own professional social media channels.

Time to complete: Around 10 hours  Language: English  Prerequisites: None

The course is self-paced with text based modules and exercises to check your understanding as you progress.

What you will learn: 

  • How to define your target audience
  • How to develop content ideas that show off your skills
  • How to choose the right platform for your business
  • How to use your tone of voice to set you apart from your competitors

Preview of course contents

Certificate of completion preview:

Certificate of completion preview for Social Media Marketing for Beginners course